NEO3D Audience


We empower artists by providing a 3D fully immersive virtual space to archive and showcase artworks. If you’re an artist who’s on the way building your art career, NEO3D will be the perfect tool to build up your portfolio and increase your artworks exposure into public. We just simply like the art.

Art Curators

With curators, persons who in charge for conceive, organize the Gallery and create event-driven opportunities such as Virtual Events, Virtual Exhibitions. By using NEO3D, curators can work on different virtual shows all around the globe.

VR Enthusiasts

NEO3D will be a platform for those who simply like arts in 3D space to visit the best experience created by the Artist/Collectors/Art curator

CatPunk Holders

NEO3D is a subsidiary project of Catpunk NFT collection. We'd like to reward our OG PASS/ CATPUNK holders for all the supports from the beginning of everything. By owning an OG Pass/CATPUNK, our hodlers will have personal access in exclusive galleries and earn $NEO tokens.