NEO3D Purposes

NEO3D is a platform for artwork display purpose, this platform provides a 3D immersive space for virtual arts. With NEO3D, users can curate, present, and archive their collection in a virtual space. Not only for showcase purpose, our platform will also construct a central database to organize, and track the state of your NFTs for collection management purpose.
The value that NEO3D brings to you is the value of experiencing your whole collection on a whole new level. It’s a place where you can show your NFT collections, talk about them, rate them, curate them and it lets you attach the link to the corresponding sales place of your treasured piece, giving people the chance to bid on it or even buy it if they value it enough. In short, it gives you a social space to interact with other people based on your NFT collection.
A gallery of NEO3D

Promote Experience

Art is created to be sensed and experienced. The gallery is the one thing that helps deliver the value of art and meets human needs for enjoying. Start by immersing your potential collectors in a NEO3D space with the artworks that you believe are worthy of a collection. NEO3D provides you the free templates which support your NFT collection under the 3D format. All is classy and refined in their own unique ways.

Sales Platform

You may either be an artist who creates his own works of art or a collector who collects those precious art pieces. Eitherway, you all are the owners of those masterpieces. You are considering pushing sales and promotion for your collection to the next level? We link the seller and the buyer with Neo3D by providing a place where both artist and art lovers, collectors and traders alike can connect to one another.

Curate Yourself

The holy grail of gallery curating is to put together a collection that may be greater than the sum of its parts. Artists may identify with something in each artwork and know how to portray it most effectively. Curating your NEO3D gallery allows collectors to feel the same way you do about the collection in its entirety. In a gallery setting, cohesion is more evident. NEO3D allows your masterpiece to communicate with one another and tell a unified tale.

Cost-saving Solution

Metaverse, blockchain, 3D artwork are the hottest keywords to search right now. We all know it in the future, but creating a 3D gallery is not an easy task. It will consume your time and affect your finance. NEO3D exists as a solution to this problem. We've built 3D galleries before and know how to get them up and run. So, let us help you solve this problem.
VR Integration
NEO3D can be where the VR experience meets the NFT collections. Virtual galleries are similar to physical galleries. The only difference is the way the gallery is located in a virtual space, and visitors must enter to engage with the collection. With NEO3D, we might sit on our couch while wandering through art experience
NFT Sale Platform
Why don't we buy stuff from these virtual places if we can visit them in NEO3D? NEO3D might be evolved into an NFT sale platform, allowing individuals to freely walk and purchase NFTs from virtual galleries.