ZodiLab is composed by a very professional team; in our team we have 2D artists, 3D designers, smart contract developers, website developers, business developers, user experience engineers and marketing experts. Key personnel are listed below:
0xMinh - Founder and Main Developer. I am a high performance and innovation-driven project consultant with experiences in multiple multinational consulting firms. As a tech enthusiastic, I was working on multiple disciplines like electronic, embedded systems, signal analysis, financial softwares, etc. Since 2019, I have strong passion in cryptocurrency and started a few small projects then heavy invested in CATPUNK project which is the founding base of NEO3D.
Han - 3D artist. Han is a 3D talented artist which had strong experience with large 3D game studios like NCSOFT, Glassegg, etc. He is now working full time for CATPUNK and is leading a team of 10+ other artists in this project.
VeeWoo - 3D website developer and tech lead. TO BE COMPLETED
DucAn - Blockchain and infrastructure gurus. TO BE COMPLETED
Muemelmups - Project strategist. With many years of experience in Data analytics and data management, I bring an analytical approach with customer centric value proposition to the team. I am working as an IT-Project manager and supporting Catpunk as well as Neo3D since the early days. Taking on the role of a consultant, my aim is to bring an outside view and statistics into the whole NFT world and help create a better user experience in the form of first hand market reports for our investors.